Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Straw House

Well this last weekend was a blur of activity but I think the results speak for themselves. To the left is a picture of our house as it looked on friday morning. At the end of my writing is a picture of our house as it looked Sunday evening.

I am absolutely in love with my new "straw" house. (That is the name of the colour we painted it - we thought we should rename it something more romantic - Tuscan Sunrise is the most recent suggestion.) I think it makes such a huge difference. It is so much more cheerful and I think it also looks newer and even maybe a tad higher quality if that is possible.

It is hard to tell from the final photo but there is black on the frame around the glass on the front door. Our next project is to buy new lights for the exterior of the house - they will be black as well. I am going to spray the bracket for the hanging basket black and I think I will pick up some large black pots for either side of the garage door.

We still haven't decided on the garage door. I saw a house recently that had painted the block insets on their garage door the same colour as the house. Made it kind of fade into the house a bit more. I want the focus to be on the front entrance not on the garage door. Always a work in progress.

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