Thursday, November 8, 2007

To Do and Have done

Sometimes I get frustrated with all the little things I want to do and feel like I never get to them. But I think it isn't that I never get to them it is that there are just always things on the "to do" list and every time you complete one something else takes it's place. So I have decided to have a "to do" and a "have done" list. I haven't decided if the "to do" should have a limit or not - I'll see how it works for me first. As items are completed they will be moved to the "have done" list. That way I can reflect on what I have accomplished and therefore motivate me further for the other projects on the "to do" list.


Decoupage puzzle blocks
Curtains for eating nook and kitchen windows
Curtains for bedroom
Wedding album
Strawberry towers
Square foot raised beds
Learn how to make really good bread (not just average)
Finish my diploma


Christmas stockings for Andy and I
Finish my Business certificate

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