Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fundamental Parenting Rule

I am currently reading Children at Play by Heidi Britz-Crecelius. I came across this quote and thought that it was such an amazingly worded piece of advise that I had to post it for everyone.
There is nothing bad, terrible or humiliating that can happen to a child that would not become worse, more terrible or more humiliating, if it were concealed from his parents.
She goes on to tell of a late night fire-bug whom crept home to tell his parents of the fire and was praised but his parents. We as parents much be constantly aware of how we react to the actions of our children. By having a child come to us when they have done something "wrong" we can help them correct the situation before it becomes worse (put the fire out before it spreads). They already know they have wronged and don't require a lecture but do need assistance to rectify and make ammends.

I can recall a day not too long ago that PK came to me to show me that he had drawn on the windowsill. Together we got out the cleaning supplies and washed it off the sill - no lectures - no upset by the end we were laughing together and the crayons have stayed on paper ever since.

I know I for one want to try to always remember this in my reactions in hopes that it will keep PK coming to me when the mistakes in life occur.