Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picnic Blanket and a Bag

This past weekend I realized that we are coming up on lake times once again...next weekend to be exact. And.....I still was sitting with this beautiful piece of fabric I brought back from Hawaii. So, I went for a visit to our fabric store and picked up some great water resistant fabric for the bottom.

I decided I might as well make it atleast something useful beyond just a square of material to sit on..so I put pockets in each corner. It quite often is a little breezy at the lake so whan I am reading a book or magazine I can slide it into the pocket when I get up to go get a drink or snack or .....visit the washroom one more time ;) The pockets will also be great for throwing the bathroom key in or a bottle of sunscreen or a snack to protect from the crows.

Picture looks a little funny as I draped it over a chair to take a quick shot but I'm sure you get the idea.

I also put on some little ties to make it easy to roll and carry.

Last night I decided to make a pillowcase bag. I had seen this on Martha Stewart's website and thought it might be fun. Wasn't difficult to do at all and is a fun use for an old pillowcase. Should be good for throwing craft projects in for the lake.

My first Swap

Well I have completed my side of my first ever swap. This one was for four fat quarters with misc additional items thrown in the package. I now eagerly await my parcel to arrive in the mail with whatever fabrics my partner has chosen for me. Hopefully she likes the items I chose for her....and hopefully I like what I receive. I'll post a pic of the package that arrives once I get it.

This is what I sent...Robin, if you clicked on my site you better close your eyes now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ouch....little feet....and a graphic warning ;)

As I write this, piglet, bless his/her little soul, has chosen to amuse him/herself by repeatedly kicking/pushing me in the ribs. Gotta love him/her, not sure quite what he/she has wedged in there but darn if it doesn't make sitting at my desk uncomfortable. Good thing I still find all the movement amusing or it might be annoying.

As per Mom's request here is a picture of the current Big Mumma belly..Now at 6 months, 1 week....hence the graphic warning...tee..hee..

Thought I'd post a couple of pics of completed and updated baby projects.

First there is the completed palm tree with bassinet set up and full of freshly cleaned plush toys....don't think piglet needs any more stuffies.

Then an updated picture of the window area. I added another curtain as I didn't like the way it looked before. I then altered the bakers rack I had left over from Canadian Cart Concept days. Currently I am storing piglet's book collection on it...they will obviously have to be moved once someone starts moving on one's own but until then it looks cute. I think I have this desire to have a huge library of books for piglet. I have this massive wish list at Amazon full of little kids books. Kind of silly really as we have this great library in Mill Bay so why spend a ton on books. The collection I have so far is from my own childhood plus books I have found at second hand shops, garage sales, etc. I have noticed I tend to stay away from 'name brand' books (doing the same with clothes, decor, etc) - trying not to have much Disney, Blues Clues, Dora and other such known characters - I figure it kind of kills imagination and pulls kids into commercialism far too soon. Most of the books are full of beautiful illustrations and I try to keep with stories that are of the teaching manner, whether it be a value/moral or a how to do something or a history lesson. Can you tell I was a bookworm growing up :)

How about a picture of all the baby clothes I have been laundering. This pile doesn't count all the newborn to 6 month cloths already stacked in the closet. Putting more shelving in the closet is on the to do list now so that I can actually go through all the clothes and figure out what I may need. Looks like I have more then enough sleepers and onesies to keep me going for a while though.

Lastly is the sewing projects. First pic is of burp cloths that are completed. Second pic is of burp cloths that need to be pressed and final edge sewing done.

Well that's enough for now. More completed projects coming soon...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life update

A pictureless post but then I guess I have been too busy doing things that I keep forgetting to take pictures for others to see.

On the baby front I have completed the palm tree - looks pretty good for a non-painter. I have cleaned up the bassinet and washed the bedding - thinking I might paint the legs to freshen it up a little. The quilt is almost complete. I have sewn all the front pieces together and picked up some binding so now I just have to sew the binding on and it will be done. I am part way through sewing together burp cloths - although I keep finding more fabric to make more burp cloths - still haven't found a 'suggested' amount of cloths to have on hand which makes it difficult to know when to stop ;) I think this afternoon I am going to go choose some flannel fabric to make some receiving blankets and wipes. After them I will have to start on diapers.

Garden wise - I planted up the majority of the veggie garden - just the periodic addition of lettuce, carrots, radish, etc to keep season long supply going. Found holes throughout the garden beds for the 4 boxes of dahlias I was given - I'll have to keep them cut back or I'll have a huge mess in the garden...teehee.. I planted one hanging basket..just cause you have to have atleast one hanging basket. This year it is hanging next to the arbour leading to the veggie garden. I also planted some nice trailing annuals in all the planters on the back patio, garage door planters and front entrance planters. I did a big harvest of herbs this past weekend - hopefully they will dry well as they currently are spread all over the livingroom.

We went for a sail with the Porter's this past weekend. I do enjoy going out with them a couple times a year but I can say that I don't think I would ever become a big sailor. Much rather be in a speedboat with a destination in mind...luckily Andy is of the same mind.

Anything else.....oh yes, I made myself a pillowtop shirt..I was hoping it would make a great maternity top throughout the hot summer but I have a feeling it is only going to last another week or two. It will be a cute top for next summer though.

Well, I think that is all for now.