Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life update

A pictureless post but then I guess I have been too busy doing things that I keep forgetting to take pictures for others to see.

On the baby front I have completed the palm tree - looks pretty good for a non-painter. I have cleaned up the bassinet and washed the bedding - thinking I might paint the legs to freshen it up a little. The quilt is almost complete. I have sewn all the front pieces together and picked up some binding so now I just have to sew the binding on and it will be done. I am part way through sewing together burp cloths - although I keep finding more fabric to make more burp cloths - still haven't found a 'suggested' amount of cloths to have on hand which makes it difficult to know when to stop ;) I think this afternoon I am going to go choose some flannel fabric to make some receiving blankets and wipes. After them I will have to start on diapers.

Garden wise - I planted up the majority of the veggie garden - just the periodic addition of lettuce, carrots, radish, etc to keep season long supply going. Found holes throughout the garden beds for the 4 boxes of dahlias I was given - I'll have to keep them cut back or I'll have a huge mess in the garden...teehee.. I planted one hanging basket..just cause you have to have atleast one hanging basket. This year it is hanging next to the arbour leading to the veggie garden. I also planted some nice trailing annuals in all the planters on the back patio, garage door planters and front entrance planters. I did a big harvest of herbs this past weekend - hopefully they will dry well as they currently are spread all over the livingroom.

We went for a sail with the Porter's this past weekend. I do enjoy going out with them a couple times a year but I can say that I don't think I would ever become a big sailor. Much rather be in a speedboat with a destination in mind...luckily Andy is of the same mind.

Anything else.....oh yes, I made myself a pillowtop shirt..I was hoping it would make a great maternity top throughout the hot summer but I have a feeling it is only going to last another week or two. It will be a cute top for next summer though.

Well, I think that is all for now.

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