Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picnic Blanket and a Bag

This past weekend I realized that we are coming up on lake times once again...next weekend to be exact. And.....I still was sitting with this beautiful piece of fabric I brought back from Hawaii. So, I went for a visit to our fabric store and picked up some great water resistant fabric for the bottom.

I decided I might as well make it atleast something useful beyond just a square of material to sit on..so I put pockets in each corner. It quite often is a little breezy at the lake so whan I am reading a book or magazine I can slide it into the pocket when I get up to go get a drink or snack or .....visit the washroom one more time ;) The pockets will also be great for throwing the bathroom key in or a bottle of sunscreen or a snack to protect from the crows.

Picture looks a little funny as I draped it over a chair to take a quick shot but I'm sure you get the idea.

I also put on some little ties to make it easy to roll and carry.

Last night I decided to make a pillowcase bag. I had seen this on Martha Stewart's website and thought it might be fun. Wasn't difficult to do at all and is a fun use for an old pillowcase. Should be good for throwing craft projects in for the lake.

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