Thursday, December 27, 2012

And Our Family Grows....

We have decided to add to our family.
 Perhaps not in the conventional sense but in the sense that works for our family.
As I have not been doing the Christmas present thing on my side of the family I figured this was a way I could give without more materialistic items being bought.
So Mom and Dad meet your new grand-daughter.
 K, P and A - meet your new niece.
C, R, T, A and D meet your new cousin.
I hope you all understand and appreciate why I have chosen to do this.
This is a way we can help others.
And we can expand our ever growing family.
I now present our sponsor daughter - Eddah

PK has said he wants to paint more cards to help pay for his new sister - so sweet.
So if anyone needs cards for anything you know who to call.
If anyone wants to contribute to her upbringing just let me know.
Also an update on Ayyumen.
He is doing great. Goes to school now.
Loves football (our soccer).
I have a couple letters and some drawings at the house if anyone wants to see them.
That's it for now.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Newest Kiva Loans

Amazing how fast the repayments can come in.

We are now able to start a new loan from the repayments

So here she is

Ayisha is married and has four children. All go to school except the youngest who is three months old. She usually sells shirts for men and skirts for ladies. She has spent six years in the business. With the loan, she wants to add more shirts and skirts to sell.
PK painted the cards for Papa's Christmas concert. With the money he was paid for doing the cards we were able to fund a new loan.
Abraham is a carpenter in Mombasa. He has been in this business for the last nine years and he is doing great. He is requesting a second loan to purchase timber for making more furniture. He hopes to use the anticipated profit to repay his loan, after successfully repaying the first loan. He hopes to own a bigger workshop in the future.