Thursday, January 24, 2008

Exciting news...a not so exciting body

On monday we began sharing our exciting news. Andy and I are expecting!

And so begins an emotional rollercoaster. The what have we done, how is this going to change life, etc, etc. I am very excited don't get me wrong but when I feel like heaving for the first 5 hours of the day it can be slightly difficult to remain excited every moment of the day. I am currently feeling exhausted - all the time. I just want to curl up in bed with a million blankets on me and nap - nothing more - nothing less.

I have told "piglet" (doesn't my darling husband come up with the most wonderful names) that we are going to be over this nausea thing by monday. Do babies that are less then an inch long listen to these requests? Probably not. I just want to feel normal at work again. It has been a rough week with the boss away and I am supposed to hold down the fort. Can't exactly call in sick now can I.

I am sure in a couple of weeks I'll look back at this and think - it wasn't really that bad. Until then I'll just keep slugging through it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, an entire month has come and gone since last I posted something online. I'd like to say that I have been so extremely busy that I just didn't have time however that would be untrue. More a case of forgetting the camera, then forgetting the camera cord, then not really wanting to type anything or maybe just not wanting to share of myself. It has been a quiet month, a month of thoughts and ponderings but not ones I want to share with others. Not that I am having bad thoughts but that I have been thinking a lot about life and what the future year(s) will look like for me. Deeply personal and not thoughts then I am even ready to voice out loud yet. I am sure even Andy is wondering about the quiet....soon, I shall share....but for now it is just swirling and forming and coming together.

I have been doing some little things. We have started to paint the trim in the house. So far the front entrance and part of the family room has been done. Nothing more then a couple hours of work but it sure makes a difference.

Last night I moved the poinsettia planter outside. This may sound like a simple end of season cleanup however I have had some of these poinsettias for 2 or 3 years. Every year cutting them back and gradually coaxing them to grow again - bushing into a beautiful big display of greenery all year long - the problem is that they create a sticky mess underneath them and I now have two large areas on the carpet that hopefully will come clean with a good wash. I realized that it would be much more pleasant to chose a different plant for the house and have a happy husband then keeping the plant and having a husband that mumbles about sticky floors. Crazy how you can become so attached to things - it is a plant - yes there is the fact that I have time into it - watering, trimmimg, etc but is it really worth it - NO! Not when your partner in life is upset about it. I think this is the start of some serious cleaning up and purging. Should be interesting.