Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The start of something better

I think...knock on wood... that I am coming out of the worst of the morning sickness. I barely throw up now. First thing in the morning is still rough and my first couple of hours of the day aren't completely normal but the afternoons are getting better. I don't have to run to shove food in my face to keep from heaving. My stomach will actually growl telling me to eat before making me feel sick - heaven.

I even had enough interest in dinner last night to make two salads. I discovered that mixing mayo and yogurt actually makes carrot salad taste even better and it is lower in fat then normal carrot salad - yum! Dinner last night was much better then what Andy has referred to as "the pasta diet". Hopefully it is just the start.

Tummy has popped out. Had to go buy some new clothes to wear as my jeans were too tight. So funny poking at the belly, it seems so huge when you consider the baby is only slightly larger then my fist but nature is a funny thing. It's kind of nice to look pregnant only cause it makes it feel a little more real then just feeling crappy all the time.

Andy is positive the baby is a boy. I don't have a feeling either way although I hope it is a boy for Andy's sake. A little guy to follow him around and try to do everything that daddy does would be so cute and I think Andy would connect more with a little boy then a girl but most importantly I am just hoping for a happy and healthy baby. So my focus is to stay calm and happy and to try and eat as healthy as possible, stay away from what they tell you to stay away from. Oh and convince myself that sleeping on my side is comfortable. I tell you - first I lose sleeping on my belly now I have to stop sleeping on my back and that is when I can actually get to sleep and stay sleeping.

My goodness, can I complain much! Now that I have purged I feel much better. Change is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So yesterday I got to go to have an ultrasound. Earlier then normal due to some bleeding but right now the joy of getting to see our little one on screen far outways the concern and worries I had over over the weekend.

There is officially a baby inside there. Just one for the record. And surprisingly enough it turns out we are 2 weeks less pregnant then we thought. That should move our due date to around September 18 (Trish and Albie should get a kick out of that). I guess names like Marina and Poet are no longer valid names as remembrance for where the little one came to be. Perhaps Mary, Chris, Joy or Noel might be more appropriate. Oh well, we have 6 months to figure it out.