Monday, September 24, 2007


Born: September 18
Pictures: September 23
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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Quiet Place

It has been a busy couple of weeks; hence, no entry until now for the entire month of September. We visited my parents up at Lundbum Lake (just outside of Merritt) earlier this month for an extended long weekend. We were greeted by these cheeky and somewhat greedy little characters - not at all shy!

We spent the weekend exploring all the back trails around the campsite in the tracker.
First there is the lake where the campsite is at. A small and peaceful looking lake.

Then there was the lookout that my parents had found only days before we got there. It overlooks Douglas Lake Ranch - the largest working ranch in Canada. It was an amazing view of thousands of acres of land with not a moving soul in sight.

We saw grouse, coyotes, chipmunks, squirrels, numerous types of birds, fresh water shrimp and clams and even a bear!

On one of our adventures we came across this beautiful specimen of a tree. Andy posed beside it to show just how large it truly was. Dad, Andy and I wrapped our arms around it but still could not touch fingertips.

We also went to a bison farm were we had a wonderful lady teach us about the way they raise their bison as well as numerous tips about how to cook the different cuts. She was an extremely generous hostess both with her time and information. We even learnt of the methods they had used to build their home - combinations of infloor heating, solar panels and generator but also strategic placement of windows for maximum natural sun heating. It was quite interesting as they were living completely off the grid.

With trails called Coco Bonk to explore and things to discover around each corner it was an extremely fun and relaxing weekend.