Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fortunes fortunes all around

Doing some cleanup of my sewing table and here are some of my fortunes that I have found in the process

In the midst of a busy life, take some time to be a kid again.

Money is gratifying, not satisfying.

You have all the assistance and luck this month to succeed.

Your self-confidence is warranted.

Fortune smiles upon you at this time.

You will live a long, happy life.

Your magnetic personality will draw people to you.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Projects

So here is what kept the hubbie busy over the winter break this year.

New washer and dryer. Hubby had to re-vent for the new dryer and we had to redo some of the plumbing to make it fit which was actually to our benefit as it will be nicely finished now rather then pipes just sticking through drywall. Still have some drywall patching and painting to do but it looks way better and works wonderfully.

I labelled the storage containers as someone else
was always asking "where do I find....".

The new fridge and stove. I am loving the induction cook top. I have noticed that someone else is cooking hot breakfasts more often too which is an added bonus.

And lastly the gate which I am in love with. Not to be too boastful but I think I have the best gate in the valley now. So inviting and beautiful but keeps the wandering woof woofs and horned critters on the outside.
A close up of the sun and mountains.
I think they did an awesome job!