Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zander's Blankie

I have had this picture on my computer for awhile and didn't want to show it until after I gave Patricia and Albie their baby present.

I actually gave them the blanket before Zander was even born but then I forgot I had it. Today I came across it is my picture file and thought I would post it to remember that I have indeed made something in my life. Patricia told me that the blanket is being used so hopefully all those hours were worth it!

Last night was our annual Halloween Howl at the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre. Hours of setup for 2 hours of chaos. I believe the several hundred people that showed up had fun so the tiredness of today is soothed by the knowledge that a lot of little kids had a great time. The haunted house was spooky fun, the craft table was a huge success (helium bats and popcorn hands) and free food and candy always goes over well.

I just got two new books and can't decide which to read first. By Peter Reinhart, they are both cookbooks but they are cookbooks that include stories and learning of techniques not just simply recipes. I imagine I will probably end up reading them both at the same time in my impatience to learn what they both have to say.

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