Monday, August 27, 2007

Busiest of Weekends

Wow, what a great weekend. On friday Andy and I quickly put together our bags and headed off to join Todd at Honeymoon Bay. We had a great evening full of yummy food (Malay chicken kabobs with bbq baby potatoes and mixed vegetables) and even better conversation. We had a campfire complete with roasted marshmellows.

We had a relaxing morning and went for a nice walk out to Gordon Bay campsite and got back just before the rain settled in. We then packed up and headed towards home with a quick stop in at the Saturday market to pick up some fresh corn and baby potatoes. Quickly completed some chores around the house and then headed off to pick up Bill.

We then went down to the government whalf in Mill Bay, loaded up Bill's sailboat and motored and sailed our way to Todd inlet. We found a great little place between another sailboat and a huge 50' powerboat and anchored for the evening and awaited dusk to come.

As dusk grew nearer more and more boats made their way into the inlet. And then we enjoyed the show - Butchart's fireworks from a sailboat. When the fireworks were complete we bunked down for the night - my first time sleeping overnight on a boat! In the morning we enjoyed a family of raccoons running along the beach, a sea otter on his morning swim and an assortment of water creatures and birds that inhabit our local coastlines.

We made our way back to Mill Bay and after dropping Bill off we then joined Andy's family for a late brunch. We dropped in at Blue Rose on our way home and picked up some New Zealand flax - a cute green/black variety that looks great in our new black pots and a water hybiscus that I am hoping will not be eaten by the deer. If it gets a chance to bloom I'll post a picture. We completed our weekend by starting on our rockwall in front of our bay windows - halfway completed already!

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