Monday, June 24, 2013

Buying some chick, chick, chickens

okay so they aren't for me but still............

Joyce lives in the Litein area of Kenya.
She has 4 children and has been working with poultry for 5 years.
Her primary income sources are milk, eggs and tea.

Her biggest challenge is 'Insufficient funds.'
Animals on the farm have been given the names of 'Simba.'

Joyce was asked why she chose Juhudi Kilimo for this loan, to which she replied: 'Low interest.' This client was also asked what was learned during Juhudi's required micro-finance training session: 'It has loans with low interest."

Her highest monthly expense is school fees. When asked how will this loan benefit her family,
Joyce replied, "More income to family."

As part of Juhudi's loan appraisal process, each borrower's assets are evaluated.
Joyce owns the following: a cow and poultry' but does not own a pig, pump, bicycle, motorcycle, or automobile. Juhudi Kilimo also tries to measure any change in living standards based on this loan. This borrower has in the household a mosquito net but does not have electricity,
solar power, running water, sewing machine, TV, or DVD.

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