Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Little Trick or Treater

We took little PK to four houses for trick or treating this year. One aunty and her neighbour and his Papa & Mimi and their neighbour. Then we headed to the community centre to partake in their live music, hot dog eating, bonfire, bouncy castle and other activities. PK wasn't sure about all these weird costumes on people but he sure liked the balloon he was given at the centre and spent most of his time hitting it around.
Little Lion all ready to go

His loot from four houses and the community centre.
Way too much for a little boy! Guess Daddy and Mommy will have to help out.

A very bad picture of this years decor. We cut out faces in large poster board. Once dark out the house light shines through the faces welcoming any whom wandered up our drive.

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