Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday morning and all is normal????

So we have croup yet again in our household. You wouldn't know that we were up most of the night judging from our rockin little guy this morning.

This is what he wanted to wear to help Daddy and Uncle Todd with the backyard project - cute eh!

So in order to clear my head and get a handle on my day I started Day 1 of my 14 week training session to run the TC10K. I haven't ran since before I was pregnant with little dude so it will be a good challenge for me. Today I did 5:1 x 3 and I just managed it so I figure so far so good.

And this is what the guys have been up to this weekend.

That would be the run of my chicken coop laying on top of my herb bed. The coop is now located behind the barn and the harb bed will be added to my vegetable garden to make on large garden - yeah!

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