Thursday, December 3, 2009

When all else fails

I love my child...I really, really love my child...but there are moments when I also really dislike my child. Today we were having a lot of moments. I am sure there is probably something going on for him that means he needs more attention then normal and wants things his way more then normal but that doesn't make it any easier when he is trying to play drums with the glass measuring cups, eat the tinted moisturizer or the cologne that he somehow managed to get out of the top drawers in the vanity (no longer child prrof I guess), or the same with the markers out of the office drawer.

Today the doors are closed, on the office, on the bedroom, on the bathrooms and anything else I can find to close. I don't like feeling like I am always saying no. It doesn't feel like a positive environment but there is also a limit to what can safely be played with and I only have so many shelves that are above reach or behind locked doors.

So after a morning of him getting into everything and then yelling (not crying - yelling) at me when I take it away and whining the moment I am not paying attention to him I finally just put him in his crib, told him that I loved him but that he and I needed to have alone time, and less then ten minutes of crying later he is fast asleep in his crib. Hmmmm, do you think that he maybe just needed the nap that I told him he needed at about 10 o'clock this morning.....maybe just a little.

Anyhow, now that I am done venting and giving away the negative energy I can make room for  a positive and enjoyable afternoon. And to start that off I share some happy thoughts.

PK taking Mr Teddy for a stroll around the house

Breakfast this of our favourites
French Toast with yogurt for dipping
and a side of sliced banana and kiwi

That I have a healthy, active and curious child
I am grateful
And that I can serve my child such a healthy and filling meal
I am grateful
And that I have a warm and cozy home to play and relax in
I am grateful
That I have these things within my house for him to get into
I am grateful
And a camera to take pictures with to share our lives with others
I am grateful

So when all else fails thinking about all these things will certainly be a wonderful afternoon.
And to know that and be able to re-create the rest of my day..
for that I am VERY grateful.

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