Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trouble Maker

I think his plan was to see how much experimental trouble he could get into the last couple of days. It hasn't helped the he is still sick and on meds now and therefore just a tad on the cranky side or that I seem to be battling it as well (minus the ear infection) and therefore also on the cranky side.

So there was the painting with milk bottle - very artistic.

Then the unwrapping of Daddy's xmas present.

Keying Mommy's car......almost....he was remarkably close to getting it in.

And attempting to take Mommy's car for a spin.

So truth be told all the pictures above are the fun things he was captured doing. The trouble has been more the doing the exact opposite of what mommy has just asked and then laughing when mommy says no. As the saying goes "this to shall pass'

This picture captures the true spirit of our little PK.

Going so fast he's a blur and growing so fast it's a blur.

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