Thursday, October 29, 2009 good for you....and tasty too!

Yesterday PK and I had tofu with shitake mushrooms and green beans over brown rice for lunch. I had not eaten tofu in years and thought that it would be fun to try again (plus another mom had mentioned that her son just loved it). With the added bonus of it being soft to chew and a great source of protein I thought little man might benefit by adding to his diet.

So the jury (PK) has decided that tofu is very yummy and worthy of eating every last piece on the plate. Rice on the other hand is still worthy of spitting out and flicking of the plate onto the floor....sigh...First time he has eating more then a piece or two of green beans though so that was a bonus.....and I just LOVED the roasted shitake mushrooms......all in all definately worth repeating.

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