Friday, November 28, 2008

Mommy Madness

Ahh yes the joys of being a mother. Today I had one of those moments where I probably would have burst into tears if it had occured a week or two ago but today I had to surpress bursting into hysterical laughter for fear of waking the little man.

So here is how to story goes.....little man is having a grumpy morning. We have just finished a diaper change, mommy milk and bottle top up. I put him into his bouncy chair and he gets mad because he can't reach his toys. I prop him up so he can reach them and he promptly bursts into tears and starts crying. I pick him up, he settles down, I put him down on his blanket, he starts crying.....hmmmm goes mommy, maybe time for the cuddly wrap. On it goes, in he goes, a few more tears and suddenly someone is asleep.

Mommy thinks strange that he has zonked but I guess he feels the need to rest. Well let's see what we can do with him in his cuddly. Mommy carefully pours bottles of water with arms outstretched in front of her, trying to accurately pour a dozen bottles to send with her little man to grammy and grampas house for his first sleep over. Eleven bottles poured and mommy runs out of boiled water. Fill up yhe kettle and turn on. Okay finish this later thinks mommy. Now what?

Mommy should eat lunch now or it could be a while. What does the fridge contain? Hmmm, how about the leftover stirfry...that should taste good cold...we don't want to risk burning little man if we were to have some sauce drip now would we. Mmmmm, yummy lunch being carefully eaten over the head of sleeping little man...container held to chin...all of a sudden while spearing one of those juicy prawns the container does a flip, flys out of mommys hands, does a perfect 360 and lands on the floor.

Mommy stands in kitchen with horrified expression on face..Oh dear thinks mommy what am I going to do? Stirfry covers much of the kitchen floor with mommys feet in the middle of it. Do I risk waking little man by taking him out of cuddly? How can I clean up without doing so? Hhhmmmmm, dish towel onto feet and carefully remove mommy from the kitchen. Now what?

How about a picture to remember this crazy moment? Yes indeed. Then out came the handy dandy swiffer sweeper. A couple of dry clothes followed by a wet one or two and voila....the mommy saves the day as lillte man is still asleep. Now how about that lunch...

Oh yes, here is to photo of the day.

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